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Commercial Auto

The business auto coverage form is the predominant form for firms insuring their automobile exposures. In using this form—or the related garage and truckers policies, careful attention must be given to the numerical symbols listed in the policy declarations to signal which autos are insured for the various coverage’s. What would seem merely to be a small clerical oversight in entering these symbols could have grave consequences for the insured.

Each of the common automobile coverages—liability, medical payments, UM/UIM, no-fault, and physical damage—is taken up in turn, largely within the context of the business auto policy. However, most items apply equally to the comparable coverages of the garage and truckers policies and, for that matter, the nonstandard versions of each — although any nonstandard policy should be carefully examined for variations from standard provisions. Your agent and you should give additional attention and be aware of the  automobile insurance needs of specialized businesses—garages, transportation firms, automobile dealers, etc. 

Our company has been using the Commercial Department of Agency 10 for a some years now. The customer service provided by the professionals that handle our policies is second to none. Every email is answered quickly and every phone call is answered by ... - Richard Edlich, Edlich Realty & Associates, Minneapolis, MN